Valentine's Day

Say it with Flowers

Go traditional...

Red flowers have always been a favourite on Valentine’s Day, the colour is commonly associated with Love, passion and desire. It was tradition to propose with two red roses in the past.

Why not choose a red flower box this Valentine’s Day to show the love.

Peach Roses from Posies of Clevedon

or add the personal touch...

Red isn’t for everyone, so make it special to them. We offer bouquets in a range of colours including Pink and White

Why not check out the meaning of the colours in our blog post.

...why stop at flowers?

At Posies of Clevedon we also offer a range of other gifts for you to make Valentine’s even more special this year.

From our range of FM beauty perfumes, with options options inspired by Gucci, Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier

FM Beauty Perfumes for Valentine's Day
Arrangement of Double Lillies

How you can share the love this Valentine's Day

No matter your plans this Valentine’s Day say it with Flowers from Posies of Clevedon. From Roses and bouquets to perfumes and gift. You can get it from Posies.

Thank you for supporting our local business!

FM Beauty Perfumes
Get them their favourite scent...

Explore our range of FM Beauty perfumes here, with scents inspired by Gucci, Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier. The perfect gift for Valentine’s day!