Understanding the Colours of Flowers

Usually at Valentine’s Day we see nothing but red Roses, a symbol of love, passion and desire. Its even tradition to give two when you propose! But red Roses are not for everyone! But what do the different colours mean?

Red flower box for Valentine's Day

Much like the flowers themselves, the colours can mean different things and traditionally were sent to convey different messages to the recipient.

Red – We will quickly go over this one as it is fairly self-explanatory that red flowers are a symbol of love and desire, but usually the darker the red the deeper the passion and the love for the other person and an unconscious beauty. With lighter reds and dark oranges typically symbolising new and growing love!

Whites – a favourite with weddings and funerals, this is because the colour covers a vast number of meanings. White symbolises purity and innocence with the petals having no colour and no blemishes. It is also a symbol of youthfulness and beauty. A definite winner for Valentine’s Day!

Peach Roses from Posies of Clevedon

Oranges – Show desire, or even impossible love… make of that what you will, These are a brilliant colour and come into their own around the autumn being centre stage of arrangements and decorations.

Peaches – Much like with reds, these colours show a strong connection and love for another person, but these loves tend to be more modest and appreciative than romantic. This would be a brilliant choice to send to a family member such as your Mum or Grandma, 

Yellow – Symbolises friendship and joy, meaning that these would be perfect to send to a special friend.

Posies of Clevedon Pink Flower Box

Light pink – admiration, sweetness and sympathy and is a brilliant all-rounder for any occasion. Whether it is for your partner, mum or friend and they look brilliant all year round.

Pink – Much like the light pink is a positive colour, but pink also shows perfect happiness and and grace.

Lavender – Is for love at first sight and enchantment and would be brilliant to send to a new love

Blue  – stands for the unobtainable and the impossible

While, these all have lovely meanings, they are not set in stone, why not choose their favourite colour or a seasonal choice? Make the bouquet perfect for them to make it even more special. Explore our flower collections here.

If you would like a specific shade of any of the colours in the bouquet, let us know in the order notes in the checkout page and we will do our best to accommodate!